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Boost your charity's profile with a Google Ad Grant

by Sarah Fesco |  28 Apr 2017

Google are now offering paid advertisments to eligible not-for-profit organisations up to the value of £8000 every month.

If your NPO qualifies for a grant, redhed inc can work with your marketing team to significantly increase your web presence through various channels and boost your message and reach. We help you to apply for a grant, and then create and manage a strategy for optimum use of your budget to increase your charity’s awareness.

How does it work?

Quite simply, this is Google Ad-Words, but paid for by Google! There are requirements to be met, and a serviceable account must be maintained with Google to qualify for a grant and that is where we come in - we understand how the process works and can help you through each step of the process. On top of that, we use Google Ad Words every day for our clients and know its potential and best use practices.

What should I do next?

That's easy... call us on 01223 941075 and find out how a Google Grant is going to help your organisation!




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