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ActiveLife Website Launch

by Sarah Fesco |  21 Jul 2017

Today sees the launch of the ActiveLife website. ActiveLife is a company that specialises in fitness and healthy lifestyles. Redhed Inc's brief was to design and build a modern, responsive website that enables the client to see class times and dates and book in. 

The idea is to get as much information onto the homepage as possible so visitors and potential clients get a full understanding of what ActiveLife offers. We started by redesigning the logo, to be fresh and clean, making it easy to transfer onto all marketing literature. The problem I find is that a lot of companies have strap lines under an image and when you shrink that down to the size of a header logo it is so tiny it cannot be read. We wanted ActiveLife's logo to be easily identifiable and simple. We've achieved that I think.

​Next was working on the structure and layout of the website. Together with the client we came up with a menu structure and sitemap enabling them to go off and get together content and images. I think it’s important when managing a project that you are able to give the client as much guidance as possible as to how many words you want and with what sort of language. We often have a couple of drafts of the page content before we settle on one we're all happy with.

The page layout is my favourite part, we are meticulous that it uses certain web design rules and work on a grid of 12 width, so if we have 3 sections in a row, each of those sections will have a width of 4 and so on. It makes it clearer and look so much better on the page.

This website we used a video header for the home page. I adore this function, it just makes everything look more professional. The only issue we come up against is that on a mobile device the video won't automatically start, for security reasons, so we have to enable a play triangle on the film for people viewing it on a mobile. It's no biggy but is a matter for discussion with clients. Love this particular film.

Making sure there are all the opportunities possible for contact to be easy and services to be plainly visible and easy to read. On this home page we have the class calendar for client's easy access, testimonial, services, membership tariffs and a contact form. The simpler the better, no one wants to sift through masses of wording to find out how to contact you.

The classes page is pulled in from ActiveLife's online booking system, we have placed it in an iFrame so we have greater control about sizing on our pages. Looks good and the client is delighted with how it appears both on the home page and on the classes page.

Probably my favourite page is the View it page. We have pulled in all the clients you tube video's and layed them out the way we would products in an online shop. Every time ActiveLive post a video it will come into the website and they can drive traffic through social media marketing to their own website.

The search engine optimisation is all in place with page title, page description and keywords metatags. Redhed Inc does the first round and makes sure all the images have alt tags and there are H1 tags one each page. We are conscious that not enabling good SEO will have dia consequences on a business. We also explain to our clients that it is important to keep their SEO up to date and to monitor how it’s doing. No one gets up to the 1st page of google immediately and a bit of realism is important. Being honest with the client will develop a stronger relationship for years to come.

Lastly we always add Google Analytics to our websites, so the client can monitor traffic and digitally market their own websites. Obviously we offer that service too and are very happy to work on the clients behalf.
All in all a lovely responsive website and a good experience with the client.





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