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Not Ranking on the first page of google? Its a perfect storm! so many requirements need to align to put you up there .

Search Engine optimisation with Redhed Inc

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

For so many companies, search engine traffic is Crucial in making a business profitable

With web tools such as analytics, we can help quantify what may be classified as a conversions or goals. The goals that we normally report on include amount of time spent on site, a visit to a particular event page, bounce rate (the amount of different pages visited in one visit), an online donation, a download of an informative article, a submitted contact form, social media.

We would assemble a smart list of relevant  keywords that your target audience is using to locate your products and services. We would look at competitors keywords, meta tags and content, which all feature heavily in SEO and tailor your seo to your specific keywords. Using Google Search Console to identify how you can improve your content. Then, select the most valuable pages of your site that you will optimize for the targeted keywords.

SEO/SEM friendly Development

SEO Audit Services 

the first steps in any SEO campaign is an SEO audit

Keyword usage and relevance – are you mentioning and covering the things your users want? Onsite issue overview - are there h1 tags, alt atributes, any broken links anywhere on the website? Landing page overview - what pages are users landing on, and how optimised are they? Site structure and page optimization for high search engine rankings, 301 redirects, page loading speed, penalties for low quality link packages, SEO for Local Business

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